Letterhead HeaderThe Wilmington Memorial Library will allow non-profit groups to reserve a library-provided collection box for donated goods only when approval is secured in advance via submission of the attached application form and when approved placement meets all criteria specified below. The library cannot support the collection of cash or checks.

To reserve the library-provided collection box, the non-profit organization must apply to and receive approval from the Library Director. Any box left without prior and explicit approval will be disposed of immediately.

Only one (1) collection box will be authorized at any given time. Approval is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, for one specified four-week maximum period. Each authorization is for the specified time period and does not imply permission for any future time period. Approval will be granted no more than once a year to any group; however, all requests will be considered and may be approved at the Library Director’s discretion. An application must be submitted for each subsequent placement request.

The collection box provided by the library is located across from the main desk on the first floor. The non-profit organization should provide a sign (8 ½ by 11) that clearly and neatly indicates the sponsoring organization and contact information, the purpose of the collection drive, and the collection box pick-up date. All signs must be approved by the Library Director and modifications may be required until signage meets appropriate standards.

Collections are allowed for a maximum time period not to exceed four (4) weeks. The expiration date will be indicated on the applicant’s copy of the approved application form. It is the responsibility of the requesting party to remove the contents of the box and signage on that date. If the collection box is not retrieved within three (3) business days following the expiration date, the box and all its contents will be disposed of. No reminder or warning will be provided.

The Wilmington Memorial Library will not be held liable for loss, damage, or theft of the contents of the collection box.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees May 20, 2014

Non-Profit Collection Box Application

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