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Welcome to the companion page to the WCTV Podcast Bridging the Digital Divide. Here you’ll find visual aids to what was talked about as well as links for further reading.

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The Latest Episode- Ellen Boyle and the Library Turns 150!

Ellen’s Handiwork

Ellen wears has a plethora of avenues to spread the word about library offerings. Here are just a few of examples of her handiwork.

Website Banners


Youth Brochure Image

Email Newsletters

Newsletter Example





@wilmlibraryall this plus a digital eLibrary..oh my 🤦🏼‍♀️ ##library ##librarytiktok ##librariansoftiktok

♬ cute sound – brett

Food for Thought

The Internet came to WML on 1994, before the world wide web. This meant there were no picture and navigation was through keyboard shortcuts not the mouse. See the Town Crier article announcing it below.

The Internet Comes to WML
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