National Scholarships


The College Board website logo the outline of an acorn in white on a black backgroun

The College Board

Register for the PSAT and SAT, try practice tests, and look for colleges here.

The FAFSA Logo; an arrow made of dots to the left of the letters FAFSA, in caps, on top of a horizontal line, with the words "U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION" under the line and "FEDERAL STUDENT AID" under that.


Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and become eligible for grants, loans, and work-study funds for college or career school here.

The Teen Life website logo; a white capital T with a blue capital L sitting underneath the right half of the horizontal line of the top of the deal. Both letters are in a dark blue circle. There's a small white stripe outside of that circle and another stripe, of the same dark blue, outside the white one.

Teen Life

Searchable web directory of STEM, gap year, pre-college, overnight summer and community service programs for students in grades 7-12. The TeenLife Blog provides helpful tips for students and parents preparing for college and careers.

The world "Federal" in black, the word "Student" in black bold, and the word "Aid" in green. Below that, in black italixs is "An office of the US Department of Edutcaion.

Federal Student Aid

Find out what grants and scholarships, or “gift aid,” you may be eligible for here.

All of this is on a teal backgroud: a white square with a stick figure with their arms raised and ovals in the air on top of him. To the right of that is the words, in all caps, "Testing" ampersand above "Education" all in bold text. Beneath thta are the words "Reference Center" beneath that is the words "powereed by", a pair of crescents making a circle, and "Peterson"

Testing & Education Center

Practice tests and books for a variety of standardized tests, as well as undergraduate school and scholarship search help.

The left half a star, in teal, with the three wavy red bars in place of the right half of the star

U.S. Department of Labor’s Free Scholarship Search Tool

Search more than 8,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other financial aid award opportunities.

Local Scholarships

Please refer to each individual scholarship for eligibility requirements and deadlines.

A circle with the words (starting at the bottom of the circle with the bottom of the words towards the inner part of the circle) "Shawsheen Valley Regional Vocational Technical School District 1965" In that circle is an open book in front of a compass, protractor and with a slide rule going through the middle. Directly below those two is an engine with a car to the left and a set of interlocking gears to the right. Above all that is a diagram of an atom. In the background is a skyline with smoke coming out of the stacks on the right and an old-fashioned antenna on the left.

Shawsheen Valley Technical High School Guidance
Check here for a list of scholarships available to SVTHS students

Blue wildcat, the wilmington public schools mascot, face

Wilmington High School Guidance Department
Check here for a list of scholarships available to WHS students and students living in Wilmington, MA

Blue wildcat, the wilmington public schools mascot, face

Town of Wilmington Scholarship
Due mid-April
Paper copies available at the WHS Guidance Office, WPS office, Town Hall, and the Wilmington Memorial Library beginning in March 2020

Blue wildcat, the wilmington public schools mascot, face

Wilmington Boosters Association
Check the Wilmington Boosters Association website for forthcoming scholarship information

Wilmigton Town Seal , The Baldwin Apple Tree, in a circle with Wilmington Communtity Fund on the top and incorporated 1846 below. To the right are the words "Wilmington Community Fund" over the words "People Helping People ... Since 1945" below that.

Wilmington Community Fund
Due April 30th

Volunteer and Paid Positions for Teens

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